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Bango Request Causes Application to Not Respond


In certain cases, there may be a network connection available, but the request to Bango never complete. One scenario we have run into is the networks that need authentication, like public wireless in hotels, etc. If these requests tie up enough threads, it will ANR the app. It seems that a timeout should be implemented to avoid hanging on the HTTP requests.

See comments in attached file for our temporary work-around:


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bangogreg wrote Jun 3, 2013 at 6:31 PM

Your suggested patch has been implemented in the Bango Android SDK source code and is available to download from the SVN trunk folder.
If your project depends on the BangoAndroidApplicationSDK.jar file get the latest version from the jarfile subfolder from the SVN trunk folder.

To configure http connection timeouts use the new API methods added to the BangoAgent class.
These methods are setHttpConnectionTimeout, setHttpSoTimeout, getHttpConnectionTimeout and getHttpSoTimeout.
By default the methods getHttpConnectionTimeout and getHttpSoTimeout return value zero (interpreted as an infinite timeout).

The new methods will be included in the next official Bango Android SDK release.